Software takes very important part in TRIM automatic measurements facilities. It is used for different measurements, calculations and visualizations of antenna’s characteristics and parameters.

During 2014-2015 our experts developed new fully automatic software package. The basis for the creation of software is:
-results of different scientific studied in the sphere of antenna measurements and our own algorithmic support;
-huge experience in the development and operation of software for antenna measurements on different facilities;
-the most modern ways of development software;
-numerous recommendations and requests from our customers.


Measurement, visualization and analysis of the antenna’s characteristics:

-amplitude and phase directivity diagrams and their section;
-electromagnetic field’s amplitude-phase distribution in the antenna’s aperture and on the random distance from the scanning field;
-antenna gain and directivity;
-polarization characteristics;
-antenna’s phase center variation.

Measurement, visualization and analysis of the radar performance:

-backscattering pattern;

Measurement, visualization and analysis of the payload factor’s characteristics:

-equivalent isotropic radiated power;
-power-flux density;
-amplitude-frequency characteristic;
-noise Q-factor;
-group delay time;
-antenna’s feed device loss;
-passive intermodulation.