High frequency absorbers



We are using «Emerson & Cuming Microwave Products» microwave absorbers in our anechoic shielded chambers. From all types of absorbers, the most effective are those, that have conical shape. Conical microwave absorbers are working in two ways: firstly, it creates continuous impedance and attenuate electromagnetic interference (with help of the cone which is made from the material with low level of reflectivity). Secondly, conical shaped absorber distributes electromagnetic interference in different directions. It allows to lower electromagnetic field in consecutively installed conical microwave absorbers. Different test results show that the level of reflectivity is -50 dB, while the thickness of the microwave absorber is bigger than the half of the electromagnetic wave’s length.

In most cases microwave absorbers meet the requirements of building anechoic shielded chambers. This is standard materials, which are also available as loose components and meet the ISO9001-2000 standard.


High frequency microwave absorbers

Name Description Frequency rate
ECCOSORB® VHP-NRL High-performance broadband pyramidal absorber 100 MHz — 90 GHz


ECCOSORB® FS-NRL Flat rectangular absorber >1 GHz


ECCOSORB® HHP-NRL Hollow pyramidal absorber 100 MHz — 40 GHz
ECCOSORB® CV-NRL Broadband «twisted» absorber 1,5 GHz — 40 GHz