Impulse generators

Ultra short pulse generators


*S-parameters measurements.
*Antenna measurements.
*Radar cross section (RCS) measurements.
*Video and radio pulse reflectometry.
*Ground penetrating radars (GPR) and nondestructive evaluation.
*Modulation of various signals (including optical).

Main features

* Excellent harmonic flatness up to 40 GHz.
* Pulse width from 10 ps.
* Pulse amplitude from 1 V up to 200 V.
* Triggering frequency up to 30 MHz.
* High efficiency, long in-use life and high reliability.
* Excellent time accuracy (jitter < 1 ps).
* Solid state technology.
* Small dimensions and weight.

Manufacture versions

There are three basic manufacture types of generators:

Modul type generators are for embedded applications. This generator requires external power supply (generally ± 15 V) and external TTL triggering signal (version 1).

Generator with the embedded power supply 80 — 240 VAC & DC, external triggering, internal triggering with the adjustable triggering frequency and sync pulse output (version 2).

Generator with the embedded power supply 80 — 240 VAC & DC, external and internal triggering and controls for repetition frequency, pulse delay and pulse width adjusting (version 3).


Generally generators are marked as TMG ХХХ YYY ZZ SS.

XXX – three digits that specify the pulse rise time (@ 0.1-0.9 levels) or pulse width (@ 0.5 level) in picoseconds.

YYY – three digits that specify the pulse amplitude in volts.

ZZ – two letters that specify the pulse shape:

* VN – negative video pulse;
* VP — positive video pulse;
* RS — radio pulse with one period of HF filling;
* RM — radio pulse with more than one periods of HF filling;
* SN — negative step pulse;
* SP — positive step pulse.

SS — two letters that specify building version of the generator:

*1X – type 1 (X – version number);
*2X – type 2 (X – version number);
*3X – type 3 (X – version number).

For example, the generator TMG 020 030 VN 11 has the following technical characteristics:

* pulse width — 20 ps;
* pulse amplitude — 30 V;
* pulse shape — negative video pulse;
* type 1
* version 1

All generators can be produced to fit your individual requirements. It is possible to select amplitude, width, rise time and signal shape for easiest embedding it into your system.


version 1


version 2


version 2


version 3