UWB antennas


TMA-type antennas operate at the frequency range of 50MHz – 50GHz and are designed for ultrawideband and ultrawide-range signal radiation (reception). They can be used for antenna measurement at the ultrawide frequency band by methods of far field, near field and collimating mode.


The antennas, designed for measuring by far field and near field methods, have a frequency ratio of about 20 and by collimating mode of about 4.
The antennas have a coax input (output) with a wave resistance of 50Ohm. The coax connector’s section fits with the frequency band of: 7х3.04mm – up to 18GHz, 3.5х1.52mm – up to 30GHz and 2.4х1.048mm – up to 50GHz.
The antennas can be used for operation as in indoor so in outdoor ranges.

Basic specifications

Frequency band (frequency ratio of 20 or 4) 0.05 — 50GHz
Standing-wave ratio at the antenna input, not exceeding 1.5
Antenna pattern width at the higher frequency of operative range at Customer’s request
Polarization linear
The cross component level at the frequency range, not exceeding 20dB
The side-lobe level against the main beam at the operative frequency band, not exceeding -12dB


Common antenna’s name:

XXX — digits, indicating the lowest operating antenna frequency in GHz.

YYY — digits, indicating the highest operating antenna frequency in GHz.

ZZ — two letters, indicating antenna type:

*DR — ridgy waveguide;
*SL — notch antenna;

All antenna types can be produced on a Customer’s certain requirements basis.