Anechoic chambers

Shielded anechoic chambers



-protecting measuring systems from external electromagnetic interference;
-protecting workers from electromagnetic radiation;
-stops spreading of radiation to the external environment ;
-creates anechoic electromagnetic environment inside of the chamber.


-easy to assemble/disassemble;
-no welding works required;
-I and II classes of screening;
-framed and frameless construction;
-multistage control of electromagnetic impermeability;
-calculation of microwave absorber’s mounting scheme for required anechoic level;
-easy access to all installed equipment because of outdoor microwave absorber;
-complete building of the chamber and all required facilities (automatic fire extinguishing system, CCTV, ventilation and air conditioning, light);
-final checking of each chamber and certificate clearance.


We are using collapsible constructions from «Will Technology» and «Rainford EMS» and radio absorbing material from «E&С Anechoic Chambers» and «AEMI» to build our shielded anechoic chambers.