More than 70 projects at the federal level

Since 1996 scientific-production enterprise "TRIM" implemented more than 70 projects in the field of development and implementation of ultra-wideband measurement systems

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Anechoic chambers

Collapsible design of the Russian and foreign production, correspond to the 1st class potrebovaniyami GOST R 50414-92

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Positioners, scanners

A wide selection of multi-axis positioners under the load from 1 kg to 150 ton, precision of planar, cylindrical and spherical scanners of own production and production of leading world manufacturers of this product. The possibility of instant shipment of serial products from a warehouse in Saint-Petersburg

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Research and development

"TRIM" is developing which has no analogues software systems, which provide full automation of carrying out high-precision measurements.

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"TRIM" – ultrawideband measurement system

The Research-and-production enterprise 'TRIM' designs and manufactures measurement systems, used in different spheres of ultra- wideband technology. The wide range of generators, amplifiers, digital signal recorders, antennas and other microwave devices allow to meet any requirements of customers. With over 20 years experience in ultra-wideband techniques design and development, we provide innovative, high quality products and measurement systems. Major engineers have a minimum of 10-15 years related experience in the design / manufacture of measurement systems. Read more