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Different radioelectronic devices are firmly established in everyday life of every person. Wide distribution of various radio technologies – from mobile phones to space communication systems – has become a purpose for the rapid development in the sphere of antennas.

Requests from high-tech enterprises to the functional parameters of technical equipment are constantly growing. That’s why requirements for the characteristics of antennas are getting higher and higher.

The most important part is calculating antenna’s characteristics and testing it, so manufacturers won’t lose money when they, for example, launch a satellite with dead antenna, or release batch of phones with broken antenna unit.

Since 1996, the Research-and-production enterprise TRIM designs and manufactures automatic measurement systems, used in different spheres of ultrawideband (UWB) technology. The wide range of generators, amplifiers, digital signal recorders, antennas and other microwave devices allow to meet any requirements of customers.

Our customers – civil and military enterprises in defense, aerospace and researching spheres.

Our history

Our advantages

  • TRIM is the only russian manufacturer, that provides the full range of services for creating automatic measurement systems.
  • The scientific and material base of TRIM allows to build automatic measurement systems for all types of antennas — from mobile phones to satellites.
  • We are using only our own software to operate automatic measurement systems.
  • During our work, we combine four spheres — science, mechanics, electronics and programming.
  • TRIM offers different individual solutions for each project, because each project is unique. Using our huge expirience and new technologies we are trying to please every customer.

Our achievements

  • In 1994, a team of future employees of TRIM won the competition among inventors and creators of subsurface locators — georadars in the UK.
  • In 2012-2013 TRIM gained «Best business partner» status from Israel manufacturer Orbit/FR.
  • Every year TRIM holds different educational seminars and conferences for specialists in antenna’s measurement systems (In Moscow and Saint-Petersburg).
  • Nowadays TRIM is the only russian dealer of fully constructed antenna measurement facilities and systems.

Since 1996, TRIM has done more than 70 different projects in the sphere of antenna’s measurements. (More about projects).