Measurements facilities

Measuring antenna ranges

Antenna parameters measurement

Ultrawideband automatic measuring and computing systems(AMCS) are designed for antenna measurement at the frequency band up to 40GHz.
All the measurements are made at the time domain. The results at the frequency domain are made by FFT algorithms application.
The basis of AMCS is an ultrawideband programmed stroboscopic receiver, ultrashort pulse generator and customized software.

Major advantage of measuring method at the time domain

No deadband

Fine resolution (up to millimeters units) letting effectively implement the antenna nulling of clutters. It makes possible to conduct measurements in outdoor or indoor ranges without using expensive antenna darkrooms and absorbing coatings.
The efficiency of measuring – the measurement results of the entire frequency band are received simultaneously without tuning the ranging signal generator.

Measurement types

Amplitude and phase diagram measurement.
Antenna gain power measurement.
Antenna polarization pattern measurement.
Antenna phase center ratio measurement.
Standing-wave ratio measurement.

All antenna types can be produced on a Customer’s certain requirements basis.