Real-time digital oscilloscopes TMR9102


Real-time digital oscilloscopes TMR9102

Ultra wideband (UWB) digital sampling oscilloscopes can be used to observe and measure parameters, to store and analyze repetitive signals, as well as to transfer the above signals and results to other external devices via network.


Registration, parameters measurements and analysis of the UWB signals.
Video and radio pulse reflectometry of the UWB devices.
S- parameters measurements of various active and passive UWB devices.
Logic circuits analysis.
Antenna measurements.
Radar cross section (RCS) measurements.

Main features

• DC up to 40 GHz bandwidth.
• Two input channels.
• External and internal triggering.
• Possibility to measure at the zero dead time using oscilloscopes’ internal reference clock.
• Fully automatic calibration.
• Possibility to manage and transfer data via Ethernet network.
• Possibility of external SVGA display and printer connection.

Amplitude channel characteristics

Input channels 1
Frequancy range -3dB 0 — 2 GHz
Input impedance 50 Ω
Noise floor(RMS) < 5 mB
Max amplitude of input channels + 2,5 V
Measurement accuracy of amplitude 10 — 1000 mB/div
Scanning beam offset range + 2,5 V
Amlitude accuracy < 1% from window
Vertical resolution 8 bits

Time channel characteristics

Time window scale numbering to 6 М points
Sampling rate 6 Г in second
Time base range 0,001 — 100 mks/div
Time base accuracy < 1% from window
Trigger holdoff range + 10 ns

Additional devices characteristics

Port network connector Ethernet 100 Mb, RJ-45

Device overview

Operating temperature 10 — 40 °C
Storage Temperature 0 — 50 °C
Humidity < 80 %
Voltage 180 — 240 V AC, 50 Gz
Peak power 200 W
Dimensions (width, height, depth) 600 х 800 х 600 mm
Weight 30 kg


1. USB connecting cables
2. USB adapter
3. USB attenuator
4. Software drivers