Visualizing measurements results


Visualizing measurements results

Program for calculation and visualization:


General characteristics:

-advanced interface that provides easy management of measurements and visualization results;
-fast calculation speed;
-full results management, easy to compose reports;
-opportunity to use measurements results as a standard for all future measurements;
-huge selection of 2D and 3D visualization methods;
-a wide range of research tools, comparisons and diagrams;
-ability to work with any graphical presentation in full screen mode;
-export of images and the results of measurements and calculations in a variety of formats (GRASP, xls, txt, pdf, png, jpeg, etc.).


Wide range of data processing and analysis algorithms:

-calculation of volumetric antenna diagrams  in predetermined coordinate systems (based on measurements in the near and far zones): Ludwig II, Ludwig III;
-calculation of the amplitude and phase of the field distributions in the antenna aperture and at the random distance from the scanning zone;
-numerous ways of defining antenna pattern’s position;
-calculation of the polarization characteristics, directional gain, phase center variation, antenna pattern’s thickness, main lobe direction and other antenna’s characteristics;
-different ways of antenna patterns and cuts;
-calculation of theoretical antenna patterns of horn antennas.