Digital oscilloscopes


Oscilloscopes are tools used by designers and engineers to measure and analyze complex electronic signals in order to develop high-performance systems and to validate electronic designs in order to improve time to market.
Our oscilloscopes offer a powerful combination of large and informative displays combined with advanced waveshape analysis capabilities — typically tailored to enhance the productivity of engineers in specific applications areas such as serial data test, disk drive test and automotive bus analysis.

Ultra wideband (UWB) digital sampling oscilloscopes can be used to observe and
measure parameters, to store and analyze repetitive signals, as well as to transfer
the above signals and results to other external devices via network.


Registration, parameters measurements and analysis of the UWB signals.
Video and radio pulse reflectometry of the UWB devices.
S- parameters measurements of various active and passive UWB devices.
Logic circuits analysis.
Antenna measurements.
Radar cross section (RCS) measurements.

Main Features

• DC up to 40 GHz bandwidth.
• Two input channels.
• External and internal triggering.
• Possibility to measure at the zero dead time using oscilloscopes’ internal reference clock.
• Fully automatic calibration.
• Automatic signal parameters measurements.
• On board data analysis (including Fourier transform, windowing functions and math operations).
• Large color display.
• Embedded floppy disk and hard disk drives.
• Possibility to manage and transfer data via Ethernet network.
• Possibility of external SVGA display and printer connection.
• Interactive menu.
• Six programmable function keys.


Dynamic Range: ±1 V
Vertical Resolution: 12 bits
Jitter: ≤ 1.5 psRMS + 10 ppm of position
Maximum Trigger Rate: 50 MHz
Maximum Trigger Pulse Amplitude: ±5 V
Record Length: 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048 and 4096 samples


1. UWB cables kit.
2. UWB attenuators kit.
3. UWB adapters kit.
4. Oscilloscope control software package for PC.
5. Waveform and data analysis software package for PC.